Sunday, July 17, 2005

Close ups of roses

The only trouble I have with a digital camera is the number of photos I take. Unless my filing system keeps up, I cannot find any photo any more!


  1. Those are some of the most gorgeous blooms! You have some fabulous shots for wall art if you ever got the notion! Only thing, you'd have to crop out the date stamp. I posted about using photography to collage for art, using specific colors. Your photos would be amazing done that way! Your wife's got a spectacular garden, and with your photography, wow!
    Thank you for coming by and letting me see! Please come back and comment on anything you feel led to!
    I will likewise!

  2. David, nice shot of the roses you have... that also a nice garden you have..

  3. Pungut,
    Thank you! I looked at your blog. It is obvious to me that photography is your hobby not blogging. :)

  4. No bad...I think this type of flower only available oversea ...Malaysia will not going to have it ..:-)

  5. Yes, the weather in Malaysia is too hot for growing roses. The volcanic soil in New Zealand is very fertile. Very little effort is required to produce outstanding results in the garden!